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Grilling and Smoking Wood

We offer quality cooking woods for your bbq all year round.  Our cooking woods can be purchased in large quantities, a few sticks, or our convenient chunk bags. Our cooking wood is naturally harvested and then placed into our breathable bags with an ideal moisture content of 15% to 20%.  We never kiln dry our cooking woods which robs the wood of the necessary moisture needed to produce the ideal smoke and flavor for your meal.  When comparing our wood chunks to bags found at large retailers, - keep in mind that companies that sale their product in plastic bags must have moisture content in their wood that is so low (usually below eight percent!) so that the wood will not mold in the plastic sacks.  This low moisture content negatively affects the smoke and flavor produced in addition to increasing and causing a quick burn time of their wood which leaves you with not enough smoke or fire.      At Colorado Tree & Firewood Company our cooking woods are fresh and placed into bags that permit airflow which allows our wood to breathe naturally to produce a longer-lasting better smoke for your meal.  As with all smoking woods – personal taste will help you find the perfect smoking wood for your meal! Premium Pecan Hardwood:  Pecan has all the taste of Hickory without the overpowering flavor that Hickory smoke can sometimes produce.    Mellow with an underlying nutty flavor and aroma. Produces a mild, smoky bacon-like flavor. Not as bold of flavor or taste as Hickory wood. Highly recommended for Poultry, Pork Ribs and Pork Butts. Works well for all types and cuts of meats.   Southern Hickory Hardwood: Hickory can have a very bold flavor when smoked and may be burned alongside milder hardwoods to even out the taste. The most widely used smoking wood - The “King” of smoking woods. Gives off a bold, smoky bacon flavor. Can be used on all types of meats. Highly recommended for pork, wild game, and ribs. Gives off a great, long lasting heat output for fireplaces and stoves.   Premium Hardwood Oak: Oak wood is one of the more widely used and most versatile hardwoods available for smoking due to its mild flavor and not giving off too bold of smoke taste to your dish, as well as producing a clean, consistent burn. Recommended for use on all types and cuts of Red Meat, Poultry, and Pork. Oak is the most versatile wood for smoking. Produces a medium smoke flavor to your meats that is not overpowering. For smoking in smokers, grills, fire pits, and camping fires Gives off a great, long lasting heat output for fireplaces and stoves.   Texas Mesquite: Mesquite burns very hot with a distinct woodsy flavor and aroma that can provide a strong flavor to foods. Because of its more intense heat properties, it may burn too hot for some foods. Burns very hot with high heat and low flames with long burning coals. Highly recommended for cuts of beef, game and vegetables. Best used in grills, ovens, and smokers. The “Queen of BBQ Woods” Southern Cherry: As with most other fruit woods, cherry smoke produces a mild sweet flavor to your dish.  Cherry also mixes well with most other cooking woods.  Cherry is not as dense of a wood so keep in mind that the logs may burn quicker when compared to other hardwoods. Produces a subtle sweet, fruity flavor Highly recommended for chicken, turkey, fish, and flavoring ham. Combine with other smoking woods to add sweet flavor to any type and cut of meat.                              Grilling and Smoking BBQ Bags We have hand selected our cooking woods from the southern states to bring the perfect smoking wood to your dinner table.  As with all smoking woods – personal taste will help you find the perfect smoking wood for your meal.  Smoking food is simple – You will need a smoker, grill, or fire-pit – a wood to smoke with – and a food item to smoke for!  Each bag contains 3 to 6 inch length logs.