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How much is a cord of wood? A full cord is the amount of wood that will stack into 128 cubic feet. This is the equivalent of a stack 4 foot tall 4 foot wide and 8 foot long. This is about 2 full size pickup loads with the wood stacked to the top of the sides. What is unseasoned firewood? Green or unseasoned firewood is freshly cut and / or split, has a higher moisture content and releases less heat when burned. Unseasoned firewood is usually sold when fly-by-night vendors sell firewood at a very cheap price and market the firewood as seasoned. If you find firewood priced at an amount that is too good to be true then chances are it may be unseasoned. At Colorado Tree & Firewood we always guarantee our firewood to be seasoned and ready to burn at the time of purchase. What is seasoned firewood? Seasoned wood is firewood which has dried out to a sufficiently low moisture content to burn readily. Seasoning usually requires up to a year & some very dense hardwoods will require over two years to season properly. Seasoned wood burns hotter, longer & cleaner. How do I store my firewood? For best results, wood should be stacked off the ground, in an open area exposed to sun and wind. Cover just the top of your wood pile to protect from rain and snow. Does heating with wood affect environment? According to most environmental sources, burning firewood for heat will not hurt the environment since it releases no more greenhouse gases than would be produced if the wood simply rotted on the forest floor. Trees actually recycle carbon dioxide absorbing it as they grow and release it when they decompose or burn. What does BTU rating mean? A British Thermal Unit (BTU) is the amount of heat energy needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree F. This is the standard measurement used to state the amount of energy that a fuel has as well as the amount of output of any heat generating device. So, the higher the BTU number for the variety of firewood (Oak) shows that it will produce more heat than compared to a lower number BTU variety(Pine). What length is the firewood you sell? Pieces are already split and cut to a length of 16-19 inches.   How much wood do I order? Our average customer burns 1 cord per season which is about 1 to 2 times per week give or take during the winter months. Can I pick up the firewood? Yes.  Our lot is not attended regularly so we would need to coordinate a time and date to meet up to load the pallets onto your vehicle. What areas do you deliver to? Anywhere in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming Is there a delivery fee? Delivery is included within five miles of I25 for Northern Colorado and seven miles from I25 in Denver Area. Do I need to be home when delivery is made? No.  The delivery can be arranged ahead of time, we just need the spot marked where you want the pallets of firewood to be placed. Where will you put the firewood? We will place the pallets of firewood using our equipment at your stacking location or as close to your stacking location as possible.  We generally need an eight foot wide access gate and flat, even terrain to maneuver the equipment on.   What type of wood works best for smoking meats? Hardwoods of oak, hickory, cherry and pecan work best. What should I use to start my fire? In a normal size fireplace or stove take three medium to small sized pieces of wood.  Place two pieces side to side on the bottom and place the third piece across the top of the other two pieces.  Then place ample amounts of newspaper under and around each piece. What form of payment do you accept? Cash, check, and major credit card is accepted. When is payment due? Payment is due at pickup or delivery of the firewood 
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