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We take pride in our firewood and in taking care of our customers!  All our firewood is seasoned, split, palletized, cut between 16 to 19 inches in length, and is ready to burn upon pickup or delivery. We specialize in Pinon, Red Cedar, Oak, Pine, Rocky Mountain Juniper, Cherry, Pecan, Hickory, Osage Orange, and Mesquite with more varieties on the way.  If you don’t see the variety of wood that you are looking for let us know and chance are we will find it for you. Should I buy Softwoods or Hardwoods? Firewood is classified into two different categories:  Softwoods and Hardwoods. This can be a very confusing topic.  The term softwood describes evergreen, or conifer trees, which keep their leaves year round.  The term hardwood applies to leaf-shedding or deciduous trees, which means they loose their leaves in the fall.  A tree classified as a Softwood does not necessarily mean that the wood of these trees is soft – or vice versa – the term hardwood doesn’t always mean the wood is hard or dense. For example:  Pinon Pine is classified as softwood but it s wood is considerably denser and harder at 23 Btu than say Green Ash, Cherry, or even Silver Maple which all have less dense wood with Btu ratings under 19.  Some generalizations are true however which are described below.  Softwoods Softwoods are much easier to ignite and are readily available.  They tend to put off a more aromatic smell and if you don’t mind adding the wood more frequently to you fireplace or stove, then softwoods are probably the best choice for having the ambiance of a fire while generating heat for your home.  But – there are exceptions depending on the variety of the softwood and the BTU rating.  Some softwoods have very respectable heat outputs that are higher than varieties of hardwoods. Pinon Also spelled Pinion, Pinyon:  Is still considered part of the softwood family but rival hardwoods in heat output.  Known for its dense wood, aromatic smell, and great burn characteristic – It is truly the smell of the high desert southwest. Carries and impressive heat output of 23.0 Btu’s with very little, if any popping and great for indoor home heating and is also the best wood for an outdoor pit or fireplace due to the great smell and ambiance that is produced when burned.  It’s our personal favorite and pinon smoke is even known for repelling mosquitoes! Red Cedar: Very aromatic, it carries a heat output of 19 Btu’s.  It’s easy to ignite, burns clean and will not clog fireplaces.  It has some popping and crackling when burned, so be cautious when using in open face fireplaces. Rocky Mountain Juniper:  Also rivals hardwoods for heat output – Not as aromatic as red cedar or pinon hut provides a high BTU of 23.  Has similar burn characteristics as Red Cedar but burns hotter and has a shaggy bark that is perfect for igniting the fire.  It also can pop and crackle so be careful if using in open face fireplaces. Pine:  A native Colorado wood.  Has a lower Btu than the above woods so it burns quicker.  Contains some popping, but offers a lower cost for a lower heat output of 16 Btu’s. Hardwoods Hardwoods generally cost more but some varieties give off more heat than softwoods which means you have to add less logs to keep a fire going and still get a constant heat output.  Hardwoods are harder to ignite, don’t put off as much aromatic scent when burned, and at times are not as readily available as the softwoods.  The majority of cooking woods come from hardwoods.  We recommend mixing hardwoods with a softwood to assist in lighting the fire.  Oak:    A hard wood with a heat output of 26 to 29 Btu’s and is one of the most well known home heating woods and great for smoking as well. Hickory:  Great for smoking and can be used for home heating.  A dense hardwood that generates 29 Btu.  Produces an underlying sweet smell when burned. Pecan: Great smoking wood.  Produces a sweet mellow flavored for cooking.  23 Btu. Mesquite:  Great smoking wood.  Burns hot with a rich flavored smoke.  Btu 28 Cherry:  Well known as a smoking wood.  Puts off a very pronounced sweet smell when burned.  Btu 20 Osage Orange (Hedge):  One of the hottest burning hardwoods available with Btu’s comparable to high grade coal.  Btu 32. Miscellaneous Hardwoods:  We are constantly getting in small volumes of hardwood varieties that include Mulberry, Ash Walnut, Locust, and Sassafras.  Ask and we will let you know the availability. Specialty Mixes We can mix cords to create your perfect mix. 50/50 mix of each variety. Colorado Special: Pinon / Pine Aromatic Mix: Pinon / Cedar or Juniper    Southern Cross: Pinon / Oak Romance by Fireside: Cedar or Juniper / Oak Round the Fire: Juniper / Pine Warm My Toes: Oak / Pine Firepit or Camping Wood Pinon Chiminea 1.0 Cubic Feet Size: $17.00 Kindling Box or Bag $10 Full Cords For your convenience firewood orders of a ½ cord (64 cubic feet) and larger can be delivered or picked up on pallets.  When you order with the pallets there is not the normal “mess” from the traditional dumping or throwing off of the firewood from the back of the vehicle. Each pallet equals a half cord (64 cubic feet). So two pallets equal one full cord and all of our firewood is sold as full, 4 feet x 4 feet x 8 feet (128 cubic foot) cords.    Be Cautious Be cautious when hearing the terms rick, face cord, firewood sold by weight, and pickup beds being used to describe firewood measurements for firewood that is for sale.  These terms make it difficult to know exactly what volume of wood you are actually getting.  Always ask what the cubic feet is for those terms and that will help you compare accurate volumes and prices. Delivery All prices include free delivery up to 10 miles round trip from I25 for Northern Colorado Residents and 14 miles round trip from I25 for Denver area customers.  Although we can deliver most places, anything beyond these distances will have a nominal mileage fee.  Just tell us the delivery address and we will give you an exact dollar amount for any delivery costs.  If you choose to pick up at our Fort Collins location - you will receive reduce pricing off the above prices. Pick-Up at our Fort Collins Lot Take advantage of our pickup discounts.  Pickup is available at our Fort Collins location by appointment only.  We are constantly in and out of the lot so please phone ahead and we will try our best to work our schedule around yours to meet you at the lot.  Stacking With our pallets stacking is usually not required.  We can drop the pallet off if we have smooth, even terrain and will need a clearance of eight feet in height and eight feet in width. If stacking is required the costs are: $40 per half cord within twelve feet distance of dropped off pallet. $70 per cord within twelve feet distance of dropped off pallet. We will always try and place the pallet off of our trailer to as close to your stacking location as possible to reduce stacking costs for our customers. Pallet Deposits Some of our firewood varieties may come on specialized pallets that require a fully refundable down deposit.   If this is the case we will notify you before the delivery.  Simply write a separate check for the deposit and we will return the check once we pick the pallet up or it is returned to our location.  Don’t want to mess with the deposit or pallet?  Not a problem - We can simply dump the pallet as close to your stacking location as possible and take the pallet back with us. Our Guarantee We guarantee all of our firewood. We strive for complete customer satisfaction with a process that is hassle free. If you ever have any questions or concerns please call or email us and we will be happy to help in any way. Colorado Tree and Firewood Company would like to service your smoking, campfire, and home heating needs by providing our customers an energy efficient heat source with no hassle delivery.
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Service Area: Northern Colorado Southern Wyoming
Our service area for firewood sales includes the city’s of Ft Collins, Greeley, Longmont, Denver, Boulder, and surrounding areas. Call us if you have any questions about our delivery area.
Fuel Cost Comparison Calculator
Firewood is an efficient heating source, producing more BTU's for the price compared to traditional heating methods. Unlike oil and gas, firewood is a renewable resource that can be continually replenished over time. Burning firewood, otherwise known as "cord" wood, also releases a comparable amount of gas to trees rotting naturally in a forest and does not harm the environment. Firewood is a safe, clean, environmentally responsible method for heating homes and buildings.
There are a few things you can look for to see if the wood you intend to purchase is seasoned or not. Well seasoned firewood generally has darkened ends with cracks or splits visible, it is relatively lightweight, and makes a clear "clunk" when two pieces are beat together. Green wood on the other hand is very heavy, the ends look fresher, and it tends to make a dull "thud" when struck.
Even well seasoned firewood can be ruined by bad storage. Exposed to constant rain or covered in snow, wood will reabsorb large amounts of water, making it unfit to burn and causing it to rot before it can be used. Wood should be stored off the ground if possible and protected from excess moisture when weather threatens.