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Tree Services We Provide

Tree Services We offer quality tree removal and pruning for your home or business locale.  Our years of tree land management and planting of live windbreak trees has given us experience and knowledge in the care and growth for different species in Colorado’s climate.  Please call or email for a free estimate on residential or business tree pruning and removal.    Recycle Your Trees Don’t throw this valuable resource away!  If you have already cut portions four inches in diameter or an entire tree down and need to find an outlet for the wood please call us before you take the tree to the dump or landfill.  We can usually find an outlet for this valuable resource which helps our environment and at the same time saves you the trouble and costs involved in taking the wood to your local city or county landfill.  Just call or email us and we will find out if we are able to save you time and money while at the same time helping our environment. Piñon Saplings for Sale Enjoy the high desert ambiance in your own backyard.  We have native Colorado piñon saplings ranging from 6 to 30 inches in height for sale. Piñon trees are renowned for their hardiness and the piñon nuts that are roasted and salted and sold in the southwest region.  Keep in mind though that there must be several piñon trees in a yard for them to produce seeds and nuts locally.    If you are thinking of adding piñons to your landscape keep in mind that they grow best in drier soils that drain well and are one of the best choices when utilizing xeriscape landscaping.  A piñon will require several waterings after transplant and thereafter prefers irregular waterings at locations away from lawn areas where regular irrigation is required. Piñon Pine:       Pinus Edulis Conifer – Prefers Full to Partial Sun. Temperature Ranges -30 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit Slow Growth Rate: 6 inches annually for young trees and 4 inches annually for older trees to a maturity height of 35 feet and 20 foot width. Ideal for Xeriscaping. Very Drought Resistant. Grows best in drier soil and avoid planting in low spots or clay soil that collects or receives constant water. 1 Tree $12.95 - 2 Trees $12.00 - 5+ Trees $10.00 each.